Isabel Balée is a poet, practitioner of artistic miscellany, and resistor of forms across the creative continuum. In 2015, she received her MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University where she taught undergraduate poetry workshops, translated poetry from Portuguese and French, and produced projects across forms and genres inspired in large part by late capitalist hyper-reality. She has also taught undergraduate creative writing at Tulane University.

Her writing has been published in journals both online and in print, and her multimedia work has been shown in galleries and in public as “guerrilla art” (to borrow someone else’s accusatory language). She was voted “most humerus girl” in high school, and DJ’d for her college radio under the moniker “DJ Roomba.”

Isabel currently resides in the Bay Area, where she works an office job while attending school for graphic design.

contact: ibalee AT gmail DOT com.

Epistolary possibilities might include:

  • requesting my CV and learning more about my background and experience (and possible offering me an opportunity?!)

  • plotting the marxist-feminist-trans-queer-rainbow-witch revolution

    instagram: @le____spectacle