Here is the sound / video collage I showed at Bath House last night.

I love working in collage because of the form’s history in feminist / DIY / activist art-making. The appropriation / transformation / détournement of found sound and video is an inherently subversive, rebellious act against “precious” objects and bourgeois art practices. Collage reclaims the image recuperated from the underground and brings it back to the underground. I want to make art with very little start-up cost. The end result of this piece is mine, and I made it for all my suffering bitchez.

The piece is hallucinatory, experiential, and atmospheric. Of course, I think it’s meant for a big screen and big speakers in a crowded dark room with your friends and comrades, but I am also interested in how the experience might take place on your phone, during your lunch break, among the hustle and bustle of everyday waking life.