things are here (in addition to elsewhere)

Forgive the abstraction. It’s a sad attempt at a joke about art.


Here’s short clip of me showing you unskilled art things (ft. Grimes}

I’m going to do other things with this stuff, I hope, like scanning the crumply watercolor prints to use as textures in photoshop, where I might add the angry text swimming in the deep-end of my exploding brain...because I don’t know what to do with it all (the violent language, the diseased brain, etc). Of course, the angry text comes from an angry space I’m trying to fill with divine truth, whatever that may or may not mean to you / me / us. For now, I need to dispose of the anger somehow, and somewhere, so it doesn’t haunt me (or at least minimizes the effects of said haunting). It’s very real.

The specter…

Now, here’s 2 snippets from a longer (6 minute) video piece which re-appropriates some of the angry-man language that restructured my brain for however long I was made to believe it was normal. Is it? It doesn’t have to be. I’m in the process of healing and unlearning.

The piece references a deeply personal set of experiences with misogyny (not sure if I’d even call it a “set of experiences,” it was more like one, big, gigantic, traumatic mindfuck) and so much else. 

I initially wanted to show or install these A/V projects in-person, at some venues around here, in October...but now I kind of want to present them to the anonymous internet instead. Not sure yet. Maybe there’s no limitation. I have some new poems coming out soon, for the internet, as well.

I’m tired of being “in-person.” Few friends remain after a series of cataclysmic (yet informative) events took place in my life. In the wake of all that, though, new, post-cataclysm people and experiences are entering, and pre-cataclysm people are returning.

In any case, I prefer being almost completely alone.

Finally, here’s an image about shedding layers (AKA Holiday’s hair)…